A Magical Realist Present Day Fable for The People

Sophie, the child of missionary parents, grew up in Tanzania, where animals were her world. Now grown but still very much a child in spirit, she lives in NYC as a cloistered artist where she’s constantly documenting her life on film. She relives the past in her head, where she often transforms into an African animal. This manifests onscreen as animation.

She crashes her bike in Washington Square Park into two people: a guy named Daniel, who is a black NYC councilman with a secret, and a girl named Jill, who is a white identifying country singer who’s come from Mississippi in search of her father. She crashes simultaneously but separately, at which point the world splits and the film explores multiverse love stories between Sophie and Daniel & Sophie and Jill.

Blending live action, animation, documentary, and a Fisher Price PXL2000, “Born That Way” explores identity, judgment, and perspective in the age of the selfie.